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NogVille (full name — Nogova Village) is a RPG mission aiming to put players in athmosphere of constant fighting and tension between police and criminals — for control of island and it’s citizens, and between citizens themselves — for money, respect and abilities.

This NogVille «mini-state» allows you to maintain justice or to be cornered beast yourself. Fellow civilians can fully feel their impotence under crimes and/or police brutality.

Full freedom of action — you can play your role and try to dominate other players or enjoy yourself with something different. The mission has many possibilities to fullfill your most interesting and insidious ideas.


Note: all points applicable ONLY Nogville 5.6

POLICE. This is team of players who set up rules of NogVille. Interest of the game is depending on them. Players in police team must be skilled and aware of the rules of NogVille.

What makes this NogVille different from others’ versions, it is that police can’t arrest you for nothing. They can do it if you have negative rating. You will gain it IF:

  • You rob banks and other players;
  • You maraud;
  • You is engaged in racketeering;
  • You hurt police;
  • You kill player;
  • You grow weed;
  • You do «criminal» missions;
  • You commit act of terrorism;
  • You bribe police;
  • In some cases you can be arrested even if you didn’t do anything yet (if you have «Killer» specialization or if you playing in mafia team, be ready for that). This is to maintain conflict between two sides from the start of the game.

Starting from version 5.6 players can see what you have negative rating for. Negative rating will only disappear after you go to jail. There’s no other way to get rid of it.

It doesn’t really matter what you did. If you have negatibe rating — you are a criminal and you will be hunted by police. There’s situations when system «can’t see» your crime, but that doesn’t mean your hands are clean. Almost all these situations described later. So don’t be surprised if police start shooting at you, while you don’t have any negative rating.

POLICEMAN will shoot at you (sometimes without warning), IF:

  • You shoot/aim at him, try to run him over, interrupt his work.
  • You use forbidden weapons (see below).
  • You aim at him (100% shooting)
  • You do not obey his orders. Like: «Stop for checking», «Drop weapons», «Surrender», «Leave car», «Go away» and so on. Police don’t have any right to issue you orders like: «Give me all your money», «Climb that house and jump down», «Leave your car, it’s mine now» etc.
  • You support unlawful actions. You give police false information, you help criminals (e.g. help them to escape).
  • You are in police depot\vehicle without permission.

*P.S.: Primary weapons (first slot) are forbidden by default. Police can select «No weapons’ mode and any armed player will be attacked (you can see current mode in your Player Status via radio 0-0-1). Police can change mode once in two minutes.

*P.P.S: While robbing bank robber steals money from all accounts. After successful robbery work of bank pauses and inflation rates go high for some time.


Policeman says player’s nickname and says: «Сheck». It can be: «Stop» etc. But often policeman don’t even have time to do it. He may just aim at you or shoot in your direction.

When you see policeman aimimg at you or shooting and you’re innocent — you must do these simple tasks:

1. Stop.
2. Turn your back to him.
3. Weapons on the back. If you have forbidden weapons — drop it.
4. Wait for policeman and his orders.

In most common scenario he’ll just check if you have «Arrest» action. If you don’t have «Arest» action he’ll let you go. You can be arrested only if you have negative rating (see above).


All the police vehicles is equipped with the siren. If you heard the siren nearby, it means that in this area policemen observe an increased level of danger. In this case, if you do not want to attract the attention of the Police, the following actions should be taken:

1. Stop immediately (even if you was just released).
2. Weapons on the back. If you have forbidden weapons — drop it.
3. Wait for policeman and his orders. If he ignored you, you can move on.

Remember! If you try to move or run anywhere with the siren on (and you do not have a negative rating), this can be regarded as disobeying orders, and the police can kill you!

*P.S. The siren should only be turned on in case of emergency (when there is no time to stop everyone or if you want to stop a fast car) and chasing the criminal. In fact, the activated siren informs all players nearby — «Stop for checking!».

*P.P.S. Helicopters and M113 don’t have a siren!


It is NOT allowed to shoot a policeman, regardless of anything or under any circumstances. Fire on the policeman, including the returning fire, immediately turns you into a criminal. Even if the policeman shoots at you, in your direction, if it seems to you that it is unfair. If you are completely innocent, but you’re firing back — you will be shooted at and killed.


A policeman can be kicked out of the game (sometimes without an explanation of the reason) in case he can not fulfill his role (killing teammates, helping criminals, compromising police, co-operation with civilians or mafia, and any other actions aimed at weakening the order on the Island).


It is not uncommon for policemen to need the help of ordinary players. For example, in capturing a criminal. In this case, it is advisable to help them — remember, they protect you from criminals!

For your help, you can ask for a reward. Ask, not demand! After all, it is the duty of any citizen of his country to help maintain order. And in that case, perhaps, the police can thank you in some way.

In the same vein, it is not advisable to deliberately inform the police about incorrect or unverified information. Sooner or later, the deception will be found out, and you can earn the Police’s most attention.

POLICE must stop attempts of illegal enrichment and arrest criminals. MAIN TASK — preservation of power and order on the island.

MAFIA must terrorize the police and civilians and set up a genocide. MAIN TASKS — earn 3 000 000 Kn to participate in the upcoming election campaign for the post of President of the Republic of Nogova, and thereby «legally» take over the power over the island.

CIVILIANS do whatever they want. MAIN TASK — earn 3 000 000 Kn by any means to participate in the upcoming election campaign for the post of President of the Republic of Nogova. It will depend on you whether the republic will be able to get out of the economic crisis.

*P.S.: The first 10 players who earned 3 000 000 Kn and who participated in the presidential elections are included in the WINNERS LIST!!*

The game may end for the following reasons:

  1. One of the players earned 3 000 000 Kn for the elections campaign.
  2. Time out — 4 hour (necessary to prevent desync on the server). In this case, the final of the mission will depend on the situation on the island.
  3. There’s no police. Police MUST participate in the game.

In cases 1) and 2), after announcing end of the game, all players have extra time 5-6 minutes. Their actions will not affect anything, but they have an opportunity to finish their business.


  • Arrest civilians and the Mafia with a negative rating (for more details, see Rules);
  • Destroy cannabis;
  • Use sattelite (SHIFT + LMB on the map);
  • Set rules for the current game;
  • FREE to arm, take transport and respawn in the POLICE DEPOT;
  • Receive a salary that is a certain percentage of the amount of taxes collected;
  • Use automatic station RLS R-196-B1.


  • Rob the bank;
  • Send messages to each other using pager (ad. numbers — Police (156) and Tech Support (202)). All sent and received messages stored in PDA «PSION» («Notes»);
  • Select specialization;
  • Set marker «Warning! Cops\mafias in nearby!» on map (SHIFT + LMB on the map);
  • Do missions;
  • Rent a house;
  • Buy and recapture stalls and facilities;
  • Sell cannabis;
  • Set bombs on cars;
  • Buy unique thing at the Upgrades Store;
  • Pay or not pay taxes.

*P.S.: The main difference between the civilians and the Mafia is that civilians can both enrich themselves with legal methods and enjoy the help and protection of policemen, and commit crimes and steal money. The Mafia is forced to wage a constant war with the police, commit acts of terrorism and can not enrich itself legally (although, if the Mafiosi really want to lead an honest life, he can risk).

*P.P.S.: It should also be noted that TeamKill (the killing of the player of his side) and RespKill (killing at the respawn) is NOT PUNISHED by KICK or BAN for the Mafia and civilians and is prohibited only for policemen. (That is, the server administrator can kick or ban only policemen who committed an unreasonable TeamKill — killing teammates). Killing players is a common thing in NogVille.


  • Use shops, a bank and ATMs;
  • Transfer cash from hand to hand;
  • Use PDA «PSION» (Personal Digital Assistant by «PSION»).

Spectators (Side — USSR) can:

  • Watch the game process and make sure that the game is fair (without any cheats);

Spectators (Side — USSR) can NOT:

  • Tell in the game chat (as well as in other ways) the location and activities of individual players. Violation will be penalized by kick or ban (actual servers of [4RTech])

In NogVille v.5.6 you can select specialization depending on that you want to do in game. For the civilians (Businessman, Dealer, Investor,Freelancer and Priest), for the mafia (Killer, Robber, Drug dealer, Hacker, Racketeer and Extremist) and neutral (Archeologist — available for civilians and mafia).

Every specialization have it’s advantages (E.g. Businessman — stalls and facilities give more income). But to keep the game balanced every specialization also have disadvantages (E.g. Businessman can’t buy, grow or sell drugs, and can’t refuse to pay taxes). So if you don’t know what to select or you want to play classical NogVille, select «No Specialization» and here you go.


Starting with version 5.5d, a special «career ladder» was introduced into the mission for some specializations. So, constantly using the unique opportunities of your chosen specialization you will be able to rise in level and get much more free bonuses. For example, if you chose the specialization «Killer«, then by constantly killing players, you will gain access to more random weapons when respawned. The maximum level in any specialization is the third one. To find out if you have a similar bonus, find the «+ Levels System» in the description of the specialization you have chosen.

*P.S. The police also have this «career ladder» — arrest more criminals and you will be able to get more free weapons, which will help you to maintain the order in the country!

*P.P.S. At the Employment Center, for some tasks a level system is also introduced.

Here’s full list of specializations:

-> Businessman (Side: CIV):
+ 120% income from stalls and factories
— You can’t buy, grow up and sell weed!
— You always pay your taxes (can’t avoid it)

-> Dealer (Side: CIV):
+ Due to your pull all goods cost 25% less now.
— You can’t buy factories.
— General factories cost 50% more now and you can’t buy Oil Factory
+ All stalls cost 40% less now
+ Weapons’ prices increase don’t apply to you

-> Investor (Side: CIV):
+ Every 10 minutes 5-15% to your bank account (30 000 Kn is limit)
— No pocket money after respawn

-> Freelancer (Side: CIV):
+ Level System
+ Award for Employment Center’s mission acomplishment is increasing with the level (150%\300%\450%)
— You can’t buy stalls and factories

-> Killer (Side: MAF):
+ Level System
+ You are getting money (the amount depends on your level) for killing players
+ You are getting gun every respawn
— ALWAYS negative rating
— You will start the game far away from the nearest inhabited locality

-> Drug dealer (Side: MAF):
+ Level System
+ You may buy up to the 20 weed’s seeds
+ Proceeds from the sale of cannabis is increasing with the level (6000 Kn\9000 Kn\12000 Kn)
— Always wanted

-> Robber (Side: MAF):
+ Level System
+ You can rob players!
— Negative rating for failed robbery!

-> Racketeer (Side: MAF):
+ Levels system
+ You can raid enterprises of small or big business and get a part of their income(% depends on your level)
+ You have no negative rating at the start of the game
-You have to be near enterprise to get it’s money. It will increase chance of detection.

-> Hacker (Side: MAF):
+ PDA and Pager with advanced features
+ Ability to hack ATM
+ Ability to get confidential information of other players’ bank account
— You can use pistols only
— You can’t rob bank

-> Archeologist (Side: CIV and MAF):
+ 1 random house
+ Metal finder always in your items
+ Government pays you 50 Kn per minute
— Little money on the start

-> Priest (Side: CIV):
+ Levels system
+ You can pray to The Blessed KoZZlice one time in 10-15 minutes and it can give you certain gifts or curses
— You can’t buy stalls or factories or become shareholder ‘coz that’s below you

-> Extremist (Side: MAF):
+ Levels system
+ You can pray to The Gracious Kalash one time in 10-15 minutes and it can give you certain gifts or curses
— You can’t buy stalls or factories or become shareholder ‘coz that’s below you
+- You are a religious extremist with all the consequences

*P.S.: You select specialization once at the start. You can’t change it no more.

Bank — The National Bank of the Republic of Nogova is located in the industrial center of the island — the city of Petrovich. All national currency is concentrated here, each player has an account in this bank. Unlike cash, after the death of a player, money is not lost from the account, but criminals have the opportunity to commit a robbery of the Bank and thereby steal some of your funds.
ATM — here you can withdraw and put cash in a bank account remotely (999 Kn per one operation max).
PD — here is a respawn of policemen, police vehicles, weapon and prison.
Gunstore (farm) — here you can buy weapons. The assortment is dominated by Soviet arms.
Carshop — here you can buy, repair and improve your car. Car shops vary in assortment — in some you can buy cars, in others — heavy trucks.
Fuel station — here you can refuel your car.
Airshop — here you can buy your own aircraft. The government of Nogovia, in order to somehow make up the budget, put all available models of aircraft for sale, after removing all available weapons from them.
Boatshop — here you can buy a boat.
Bombs — here you can install a powerful bomb on your car. Bombs differ in type, CB — collision bomb, explodes with the slightest damage to the car and RB — remote bomb with remote blasting.
Hospital — here you can cure your wounds (available as a free respawn for civilians).
Employment Center — here you can take a certain job.
PoBSC — here you can drive a car stolen on assignment.
Drugs — here you can buy cannabis seeds and sell cannabis.
Rent Appartaments — here you can buy yourself a home to respawn in.
Facilities (Aviation and Autotransport) — here you can buy a controlling stake or become an ordinary shareholder.
Refinery — here you can buy a controlling stake or become an ordinary shareholder.
Stall — here you can buy stalls.
Jewelry store — here you can buy a jewelry store.
Recreation center — here you can buy a recreation center.
Upgrades shop — here you can buy rare and unique things for yourself. Most of them disappear after death.
Casino — here you can risk your money in a game of chance!
(your name on the map) — here you are on the map.
Target — here’s your target on the map.
Robber! — here’s the robber of the bank.
Gun store — special arms shop of smugglers.
Workshop — a place for illegaly improving your aircraft.

PASSPORT is a main document of Nogova citizen!

It’s divided in two parts. Left side provides general info about player: name, place of birth, date of birth, sex, place of residence and unique info (appears at bottom-left while the game progresses). You can put your own picture as a photo — to do so place picture of size 256×256 to 1024×1024 in the following directory:

Disk:\Games\Operation Flashpoint\Users\Player name\

Files should be named «M»(for male) or «F»(for female) (M.jpg or F.jpg). Game checks your character’s sex automatically (you’re still free to put any photo you want).

Rigth side of passport give you ability to use some actions listed below (from top to bottom in descending order):

  • CLEAR AREA. This function clears your current location from ammobug. Be careful! Dropped weapons and ammo disappear too.
  • PDA «PSION». Personal Digital Assistant «PSION». This device allows you to use some game options — from changing visibility distance to playing animations, setting timer and alarm clock, using built-in calculator and notes. Keyboard is partialy available, so don’t be shy ty experiment and see what this or that button do.
  • PAGER. Exists in two versions: standart and advanced. All players have standart version on the start (except Police) but you can buy advanced version at the Upgrades Store. It allows you to send private messages to players. Sending message costs 10 Kn (except you contacting Police (156) or Tech Support (202), all other numbers written in XXX-XX-XXX format). Contact tech support to find out how to use pager and your number (after this your number will be written to notes automatically).

    Police don’t have pager but they have «GAME MODE» action. It allows them to set weapon/vehicle/aircraft rules. Mode can be changed once in two minutes but don’t do it to often. Citizens will not trust unsure police.

  • EXCHANGE. Ability to give money to other players. Be careful! Your cash can be taken from your dead body!
  • NEWS. Here goes all interesting events of the game. Events don’t get published in the moment they occur but after some time.

Then you can choose to pay taxes or not. The tax is levied on all types of income and on the rental of houses (after respawn) and amounts to a certain %. Some of these funds go to policemen salaries.

You can refuse to pay taxes, but in that case, sooner or later you will be assessed by the Tax Service and it will report your actions to the Police, after which you may be arrested.

The judging system in the NogVille 5th series was fully automated. The Police do not have power to arrest other players at will. The system analyzes all player actions and assigns to him corresponding clause. Thus, a kind of «fair» society is created, and the Police team is only the executors leading the execution in accordance with the laws.

There are times when the judging system «not see» the crime, but all such cases are described in the game rules section.

Below is a list of crimes clause and how you can get them:

  • Clause #1 — Maniac.

    Clause for Mafia players (specialization «Maniac» only). This status allows Police to arrest «Maniac», even if he doesn’t do anything. Do not disappear after prison!

  • Clause #2 — Murder.

    Clause for players who have committed explicit kill of other players and/or AI. By «explicit» is meant killing with similar message in game chat (with both names — killer and victim). Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #3 — Robbery.

    Clause for players who committed robbery of Bank or other players (actual for specialization — «Robber»). Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #4 — Terrorism.

    Clause for players who committed destruction of infrastructure, such as shops, salons and ATMs, also if player completed quest — «Terrorist». Using vehicle with bomb on it (implicit / indirect murder). Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #5 — Drugs.

    Clause for players who grow and/or sell drugs (hemp). Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #6 — Criminal history.

    Clause is given for all players of Mafia, one time at the start (except for specialization — «racketeer»). The necessary measure for raising a conflict between Police and Mafia. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #7 — Looting.

    Clause for players who taking cash from corpses. If player take cash from his corpse, status is not assigned. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #8 — Bribe.

    Clause for players (negative rating only) who committed transfer of money to police officer (from bank or hand to hand). Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #9 — Raid.

    Clause for players who have raided a small or large companys for profit. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #10 — Insulting feelings of believers.

    Clause for players who committed murder of priest. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #11 — Cyberterrorism.

    Clause for players who hacked ATM, or hacked Bank in order to obtain information about players accounts. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #12 — Escape from prison.

    Clause for players who escaped from prison and players who organized this escape. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #13 — Attempted murder of Policeman.

    Clause for players who committed attack on Policeman. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #14 — Fury of God.

    Clause for players (specialization «Priest» only). Demonstrates fury of God to his servant on legal level. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #15 — Illegal business.

    Clause for players who own illegal business (unregistered companies who not pay taxes). All illegal business marked on map by white markers. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #16 — Taxes evasion.

    Clause for players who shy paying taxes (appears with some chance). Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #17 — Broken contract.

    Clause for players who deliver «medium» or «hard» cargo, and don’t have money, to pay off after losing this cargo. Disappears after prison.

  • Clause #18 — Extremism.

    Status for Mafia players (specialization «Extremist» only). This status allows Police to arrest «Extremist», even if he doesn’t do anything. Do not disappear after prison!

P.S.: This list of Clauses does not apply to Police. However, this doesn’t mean that Police can break the law without punishment. Their powers and limitations are described in game rules section.