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Instruction: «How to play without problems»

If you are visiting this site for the first time, it means you’re Operation Flashpoint’s fan, and you want to open new vista in this old, but still cool game. We are sure that you understand that multiplayer have an exciting atmosphere, and it’s entertaining not less than singleplayer.

In this case, you’re on the right way, which lead you here – to the site of one of the best RPG missions — Nogville.

To minimize all the negative impacts, to play in the big company of players, as well as make the game the most interesting and honest, we have organized system of meetings that go on certain days and certain time. We recommend to registrate for the meetings. Let’s go through it all point by point:

  • For each game must be recorded. This is done here. When recording, be honest — provide honest information, do not write insults — otherwise you calculate, and fees you will have to forget — the administration will make this all possible. Below is an example for the field «Contact» in the registration form. Communication Type selected icons in which you will find popular services, such as FaceBook, or ICQ.

ICQ:[123-456-789] or [123456789]
Vkontakte:[nogville_player] or [id123456789]

Not correctly:
E-mail:[ICQ:123-456-789] or E-mail:[ICQ:123456789]

  • To play you must have TeamSpeak 3. You can download it here. TeamSpeak’s manual can be found in the Internet, that’s why we don’t focus on it. But you should know some details: after first connection to server you’ll automatically get  «Guest» group with grey star – it means, that you should confirm your registration to server’s admin by your voice as fast as you can. After confirmation you’ll get «Player» group with half grey half yellow star.
  • Required to play «ArmA Resistance» v2.00. Allowed to connect to server from the modes — the game should be clear. If you have Steam version (Arma: Cold War Assault), can use unofficial update ArmA Resistance v2.00 that version correspond to to required by server.
  • All important news, reports of games played, and most of the media content is in our official community Nogville in social network «Google+». Should register there and join the group — so you’ll stay informed and do not miss freelance fees.
  • One of the prerequisites is absence restart in during a game — if you’re late, have to wait for the next meeting.
  • When choosing a particular role, soberly assess their opportunities, especially when involving police.
  • For actions that jeopardize collection or inflict damage its reputation  administration have, there are certain warnings and punishments:

✎ If you use cheats — kick players from current game, suspension from games FOREVER + ban in a Google+ community FOREVER + drag to group «Cockerels» on server TeamSpeak 3 FOREVER.
✎ In the case of dishonest actions — kick the current game.
✎ In case of obscene expressions — Administrator will act on a situation. Refrain from obscene utterances.
«Team Kill» DENIED for players standing on side of police, otherwise you kicked from CURRENT GAME.
If your ping over 200 ms — Administrator will notify you of this and allocate time to solve the problem depending on your situation. If during selected an administrator time you do not resolve yourproblem, and ping remains  near\over 200 ms — kick from CURRENT GAME.

At the current moment there are published all the requirements to you. Come to a server [4RTech] ArmA Resistance server — we waiting you for you at next meeting!