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Kill, Search and Rob The Bank — in rating being NUMBER ONE!

nogvilleThe site is devoted to a series of missions, the PC games Operation Flashpoint: Resistance — «Nogville». There is a set of options of mission of «Nogville» that allows to allocate them in a separate genre! In the future, here you recognize all about this series, you will be able to download various versions, and also to share the ideas on its further development

Nogville, isn’t typical multiplayer mission for Operation Flashpoint, is a successful alloy of action and role elements. This best that we have!

4spirin, tester

Fuсk, I can’t buy this «devil’s» plant! That one resistance on map, sever breaks, ofp mistake with the error memory. And I don’t know how many profits makes this plant. :biggrin:

Demanik, player

For me — Nogville is an one more remarkable side of brilliant with name Operation Flashpoint. It is one of few network missions, givin chance interestingly and hazardously play together both skilled, and to beginning players.

Evus, player