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Kill, Search and Rob The Bank — in rating being NUMBER ONE!

The site is devoted to a series of missions, the PC games Opertion Flashpoint (ArmA Resistance now) — «Nogville». There is a set of options of mission of «Nogville» that allows to allocate them in a separate genre! In the future, here you recognize all about this series, you will be able to download various versions, and also to share the ideas on its further development

The events occurs in 1994 in the Republic of Nogova and covers all western part of the island. The island state already long time is in economic crisis, gangsterism and corruption prospers everywhere. The Mafia up their head. The police, with assistance of the current president tries to keep an order on the island, using for this purpose very rigid power methods. Players have an opportunity to choose the side in this conflict including the side of Police. Each side has tasks, purposes and opportunities — test yourself in a role of the enterprising businessman, unscrupulous killer or fair policeman, defender of an order – it is all in your hands!